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1.    What is EXIT ADVENTURE, and what is SEA DANCE Festival?
Each year, EXIT progresses, develops, and evolves. EXIT R:Evolution surprised its visitors by including a fifth day to EXIT Festival, whereas this year we are presenting EXIT ADVENTURE - eight days of endless EXIT fun, which includes Rock @ EXIT Festival, set to be held on 11 June 2014, followed by EXIT Festival, which will be held on 10-13 July 2014, at the very well known location, Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad, and Sea Dance Festival, on 15-17 July 2014 at one of the most beautiful beaches of Adriatic Sea, Jaz Beach.

2.    What are Jaz Beach and the Montenegro seaside like?
Jaz Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches at one of the most beautiful locations at sea in Europe – the Montenegro seaside. The beach is located 2.5 kilometers away from the historic city of Budva, it is 1 kilometer long and is covered by beautiful golden sand, attracting more and more visitors each year by its beauty as well as its rich entertainment program. So far, Jaz Beach has hosted numerous big concerts, including performances by Lenny Kravitz, Armand Van Helden, Madonna, David Morales, Junior Jack as well as concerts by big domestic and regional stars. You can find additional information at the official website of the Tourist Organization of Budva.

3.    What are the current ticket prices for EXIT Festival and SEA DANCE Festival?
Visit Exitfest.org/en/tickets for all information on tickets, including their prices and how to buy them!

4.    I purchased an EXIT ADVENTURE package. Can I use the ticket to attend EXIT Festival and then give the ticket to someone else to attend SEA DANCE Festival?
Unfortunately, this is not an option. During the exchange of your vouchers, you will get ONE wristband which applies to BOTH EXIT and SEA DANCE Festivals, therefore, the wristband cannot be taken off one hand and placed onto another.

5.    When will tickets for SEA DANCE Festival ONLY be available?
Tickets for SEA DANCE Festival are currently available within the EXIT ADVENTURE package, where you get tickets for both EXIT and SEA DANCE festivals. You will be able to purchase SEA DANCE Festival tickets separately at a later time.

6.    Can we buy tickets for EXIT Festival only?
Yes, of course! Separate EXIT Festival tickets, as well as EXIT ADVENTURE (EXIT Festival ticket + SEA DANCE Festival ticket) packages are currently available. Visit Exitfest.org/en/tickets for more information and purchasing!

7.    When will the full line-ups for EXIT Festival and SEA DANCE Festival be known?
EXIT FESTIVAL performers are announced gradually, as it has been practiced so far. We always advise our (future) fans to follow our lineup page on the website, to get all the latest performer information on both festivals.


1.    Where can I buy festival tickets?
All information on tickets, including the ticket offices as well as prices can be found at this link. If you have any questions concerning tickets, please send us an e-mail to answerme@exitfest.org.



1.    How do I get to Novi Sad, Serbia to attend EXIT Festival?
From your starting point, the closest airport to EXIT FESTIVAL in Novi Sad is the Belgrade airport, Nikola Tesla. Next best solution is the Budapest airport in Hungary. From there, you can get an official EXIT coach to Novi Sad. The bus takes 1.5 hours from Belgrade and it takes 5 hours from Budapest. We also organize transfers from surrounding airports (Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar...).

2.    How do I get from Novi Sad (location of EXIT Festival) to Budva (location of SEA DANCE Festival)?
We recommend our EXIT coach directly from Novi Sad to Budva, Montenegro, as well as our party train. All tourist information, including accommodation and transport to and from Novi Sad as well as to and from Budva, can be found at our website Exittrip.org.

3.    And how do I get home / to my next location from there?
For your way home, or your next destination from Budva, Montenegro, you can go with our shuttle buses to Dubrovnik airport in Croatia which is connected to most of the major cities with low cost air companies. Also, you can use airports in Montenegro - Tivat and Podgorica. Or, you can go back to Belgrade or Budapest airports with our coaches.
Scroll down to see the list of some available flights from airports surrounding Budva: Tivat (Montenegro), Podgorica (Montenegro), and Dubrovnik (Croatia).
Scroll down to see the list of some available flights from Belgrade (Serbia).

4.    Where can I be accommodated during EXIT Festival in Novi Sad? 
EXIT Village is one of the most popular elements of EXIT Festival, especially among those who wish continue partying after festival gates close. Other options include cheap and comfortable, quality hostels, as well as apartments and hostels. More information on booking accommodation can be found at the official tourist portal Exittrip.org.

5.    At which locations will SEA DANCE Festival visitors be accommodated?
SEA DANCE Festival visitors will be accommodated at the place where the Main Stage will be set up, Jaz Beach, as well as at Budva’s Old Town. The variety of choices includes camping, apartment, hostel and hotel accommodation, and other information is available at the official tourist portal, Exittrip.org.

6.    Is there camping available at SEA DANCE Festival, and where can I book accommodation? 
Yes, camping will be available at SEA DANCE Festival at the Jaz Beach, which will have all the necessary infrastructure set up (toilets, showers, etc.). You can book your accommodation at Exittrip.org.

7.    Do I need a passport to enter Montenegro?
If you are a Serbian citizen, you only need a valid ID card to enter the Republic of Montenegro. If you come from a country other than Serbia, you will need a passport, just as you need one to enter the Republic of Serbia.

8.    Where is Montenegro located (SEA DANCE Festival location) and how do I get there?
Montenegro is a country in Southeastern Europe, with access to the Adriatic Sea. It borders Croatia to the west, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the northwest, Serbia to the north and northeast, and Albania to the southwest. SEA DANCE Festival will be held at the beautiful Jaz Beach located near the historic city of Budva, 550 kilometers away from the very well-known location of EXIT Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia.




1.    What is ticket provision, why do I have to pay for it and how much (doesn’t apply for sales in the Republic of Serbia)?

Ticket provision is an additional fee charged by a ticketing office. The final amount depends on the market as well as the local currency.

2.    How can my band apply and perform at your festival(s)?
Each year, EXIT organizes Play @ EXIT, online competition where performers from all around the world apply, and after thorough voting and choosing process get the opportunity to perform at one of our festival stages. Be sure to follow our website as well as our Facebook profile in order to have all information in the right time.