atheist rap

Atheist Rap


For years and even decades now, Atheist Rap are viewed as legends of the local and regional scene. Founded in 1989 in Novi Sad, the punk rock group Atheist Rap already experienced its full formation with the release of their debut album "Maori i Crni Gonzales" in 1993. The album found its way to listeners in every corner of the Balkans, even in parts that weren’t available for the band to perform at the time. The song "Wartburg limuzina" brought this quartet to the top of the charts.

From their very beginnings, they were prominently anti-war, and today they are still fighting against hatred, while their sarcastic humor has been filling clubs for years. Their quality was recognized in Western Europe and that’s one of the reasons that Atheist Rap performed at the cult Barflyclub in London in 2011. Two days later they were performers at the RebellionFestival in Blackpool which was celebrating the 35th anniversary of the punk movement in Britain and world. Notably, they were the only band there from the ex-Yugoslavia region. After that, they held three tours in Western European countries, and the last one happened just recently, in April and May, during which they held performances in countries such as Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia.