bad copy

Bad Copy


Ajs Nigrutin, Wikluh Sky and Timbe, the inimitable rappers of Bad Copy, are bound to make the atmosphere sizzling hot with their performance at EXIT Festival! With megahits such as “Esi mi dobar”, “Uno, due, tre”, “Idemo odmah”, “Ljubav ili pivo” and many others, good times won’t be lacking at Petrovaradin Fortress. As one of the most influential bands of the region, with an awesome vibe, they always prepare an unforgettable experience for legions of their fans at concerts, with sharp, satirical lyrics, presenting the reality as is, as well as creating its scathing caricature. Apart from Bad Copy, members of this Belgrade trio have successful solo careers, and the gang is also announcing a new album, to the joy of all hip-hop lovers, as their last hit-studded album “Krigle” came out in 2013. After conquering the stages of EXIT, Sea Star and Sea Dance Festival, as well as Festival 84, it is time to conquer once again Addiko Fusion Stage.