A magical and dreamy sound is prevalent in Serbia’s popular band Bitipatibi which is now considered one of the most listened to bands in the region. This shoegaze dream-pop group is led by the young and charismatic Una Gašić whose hypnotic vocals are majestically blended with superb lyrics, as well as enchanting guitars and synthesizers. Among their influences are Spacemen 3, Mazzy Star, King Krule, Steve Reich and Stereolab, while Una namechecks Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša, as well as Repetitor as domestic musical inspirations. Bitipatibi was founded in 2009 in Belgrade and since then they have released two albums "Lešnici divlji 1" and "Lešnici divlji 2" in which an indie and alternative sound is prevalent. Their live rendition of "Mali Betmeni" has over 140.000 YouTube views, while "Andrija" garnered over 130.000 views on the same channel.