Competition is open: Perform at the Best Major European Festival!

13. April 2018. — Author: EXIT

EXIT, officially the Best Major European festival, in cooperation with the Student Cultural Center Novi Sad, is launching a competition for young musicians who are given the opportunity to perform at one of the stages at the Petrovaradin Fortress from July 12th to 15th. Last year, over 450 authors from around the world applied for this competition, and 33 top performers were selected at Future Shock, Addiko Fusion, Explosive, No Sleep Novi Sad, mts Dance Arena and other stages. This year, EXIT opens its doors for the best performers and artists from around the world, who will perform at stages around the Fortress, such as Future Shock @HEINEKEN Beer Planet Pub, Explosive, Cockta Beats & Bass, Radio As FM powered by Guarana and others. Bands, DJs and songwriters can apply from now on via the application, and the competition will last until Friday, May 4th, when it is the last day to complete the application.

The managers of the stages which will host the winners of the competition personally invited all young musicians to apply. Milan Rakić, Explosive stage manager, explained what is being sought for the favorite extreme stage: “It is no secret that we like guitars, but we would like to hear all authors who boast modern sound. Punk, metal, rock and hardcore bands are certainly preferred at Explosive.” Igor “Zgro” Todorović invited all bands that can contribute to the authentic image of Future Shock stage, which will this year be located at Beer Planet Pub: “We would like to hear the classic sound, but also new musical tendencies and all those who believe that they can contribute to the music scene with something new”. Very successful new EXIT festival stage, Cockta Beats&Bass will have a new location this year, across the road from Explosive, and it is managed by two influential Novi Sad based organizations. The head of Drop Sensei, drum&bass heroes and creators of legendary Šurenje and SHURIKEN events, Branimir Bojanović is looking for young sensei-ans: “DJs and producers, beginners in drum&bass music who wish to show their skills in creation of quality music and mixing the most energetic music today.” The representative of the organizers of by now legendary hip-hop parties CAKE Beats, Srđan Marjanović, is looking for “young guns, DJs and MCs who swim in the waters of cutting edge hip-hop/trap and represent in the best way the modern wave of what is currently the most influential music genre on the planet.” DJs are also being sought by the people representing Radio AS FM stage powered by Guarana, where the selection will be performed by Goran Špirić Špira: “We want people with sets full of all kinds of music, cheerful, energetic rhythms, good energy, people who are skilled in many genres – r’n’b, dance, house, funk, disco, nu disco, jackin’house, funky groove, progressive house and similar ones.”

All those who are interested need to create a profile and post at least two of their songs or DJ mixes at SoundCloud streaming service, and then submit them in their application on together with a bio, photos and genre. All artists who already have their profiles on this site only need to go to their personal page and click to apply for 2018.

Aside from the stage managers, the selection will be performed by RTS music journalist and the author of “Bunt” TV show Branka Glavonjić, Nikola Jovanović from SAE institute in Belgrade, co-creator of “Koncert godine” and acting director of SKC Novi Sad, Obrad Boba Škrbić, radio hosts Dušan Majkić, Daško Milinović and Alma Kovčić, program editor of the Student Cultural Center of Novi Sad Igor “Zgro” Todorović, as well as editor-in-chief of Hardwired magazine, Marko Ristić.