Covid Info

Are there any restrictions on entering Serbia?

Please find all the measures regarding coming and going back to your country following this link. Please note that the travel regulations are changing constantly so make sure to regularly check the entering measures.

What happens if I cant come to the festival due to epidemic reasons?

You can apply for a full refund in case you can’t attend a festival due to ‘epidemic reasons’.
Definition of “epidemic reasons”:
• border between your country and Serbiais closed
• traveling to Serbiawould result in quarantine after returning home (even if you take the PCR test)
• traveling to Serbia for touristic reasons would result in a financial penalty after returning home (even if you take the PCR test)
• you’re tested positive before entering Serbia and can’t enter the country

PLEASE NOTE: Having to take a Covid test to enter Serbia (or returning to the country of origin) in itself DOES NOT qualify as an “epidemic reason”.

What are the Covid measures on site?

The official Covid measures will be published in the days prior to the event.

In 2021, EXIT Festival was the first major European festival that took place, under a carefully created protocol that made sure that festival-goers are well-protected from the global pandemic. The protocol was simple yet effective: you need to provide a document that confirms that you are either fully vaccinated or that you were infected and cured of Covid-19 in the past 6 months. If neither of these was the case, the festival organizers cooperated with labs where you were able to take a rapid Antigen test at.