The alternative rock band Crvi formed in 2014 and throughout the years the base of the band is made up from Damjan Babić and Vladimir Pejković, while famous contemporary musicians were also part of their fold. In September 2017, two new talented young musicians - Sergej Sokolov and Andrej Mladenović brought refreshment to the band with their sound. In February of that same year, Crvi released their debut studio album “Piše nam se dobro", which precisely encapsulates our collective inability to escape the undiscovered and inevitable. In 2018 in collaboration with Uroš Milkić (Down There Studio) and Caspar Wijnberg (Studio Zmaj), Crvi started to work on their new album, composed of more complex and unconventional musical solutions. Enriched by intense sounds, even more bold in their uncompromising and unpredictable twists and turns, Crvi continue to conquer new sound territories.