Đorđe miljenović

Đorđe Miljenović


Đorđe Miljenović, known to the audience as Sky Wikluh from hip-hop trio Bad Copy, is a DJ, drum&bass MC, multi-instrumentalist and composer. He describes himself as an undestined violinist that developed affection for hip-hop. With Bad Copy he released three studio albums, while in his solo career he reached eight editions, of which the last two, "Sam pao, sam se ubio" i "Amovi" were released last year after a long pause in his solo career and with which he presented himself in a different spotlight bathed in soul, blues and rock rhythms. Moreover, the characteristics of the albums in questions are related, but the concept is slightly different. The team who performs with Miljenović has long been known to EX-YU audiences, since they all come from domestic celebrated bands such as Darkwood Dub, Kanda, Kodža and Nebojša, Sopot, etc. In a very short period, the band has already performed in Belgrade over 10 times at sold-out shows, as well as in Novi Sad, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro.