5 festivals – 5 incredible locations - 5 countries!

After the most comprehensive year in its history, EXIT is getting ready for an even greater festival achievement in 2018! The EXIT family now has five members in as many countries in the region, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Romania, Croatia and Serbia!

After EXIT celebrated 50th anniversary of Summer of Love in 1967 and the revolutionary “hippie” movement that changed the world forever, in the year when EXIT is “coming of age” with its 18th edition, it will celebrate this movement’s foremost ideal of personal freedom.

EXIT is one of the rare music festivals which started as a freedom movement and which, from day one, has had a strong social mission. EXIT Freedom is a global call for liberation from materialism, stereotypes and collective misconceptions which dominate our civilization nowadays.

EXIT Freedom festivals

Festival 84

15-18. March 2018. - Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The first stop in the epic new festival year was the new Festival 84 at the Olympic Jahorina mountain, known as the home of the 14th Winter Olympic Games in 1984! The snow spectacle joined the festival groove and extreme sports into an awesome program, and the Western Balkans finally got a winter festival which has been a hot concept in Europe for years.

From March 15th to 18th, the Jahorina Olympic Centre represented the epicenter of fun for all the festival fans who enjoyed the four-day program. The first day of the festival had an Opening party, the next two days saw the festival at full capacity during the day on the ski tracks and during the night on several locations, while the last day was reserved for the Farewell party.

Sea Star Festival

24-27. May 2018. - Stella Maris, Umag, Croatia

Best Nominee

After the thrilling mountain atmosphere and a short break, the time came for a visit to the warming Istrian shores, to the second Sea Star Festival in Umag, from May 24th to 27th! After a more than successful premiere edition, the hotspot of this spring was once again the Stella Maris lagoon, hosting the festival.

This year’s Sea Star Festival was eagerly awaited, for its program packed with great names of the international and local music scene, as well as the clear blue waters, great times with friends and narrow Mediterranean streets of the old town! The Sea Star Festival has won the Ambassador award for the best new festival, and it was chosen among ten best new festivals at the European Festival Awards!


31. May-2. June - Timisoara, Romania

Best Nominee

EXIT Freedom caravan arrived to Romania and the magical atmosphere of the Revolution Festival, where thousands of visitors were having a great time, enjoying the music program and numerous daily workshops and artistic installations “occupying” the festival and the minds of the visitors. Revolution was chosen among the top 10 best small festivals in Europe in 2017.

EXIT Festival

12-15. July 2018. - Novi Sad, Serbia

Best Award

EXIT Festival on the world famous Petrovaradin Fortress was once again a place of musical pilgrimage for visitors from over seventy countries around the world! The festival that has been among the top European and world music festivals for years once again brought top hitmakers and music scene veterans to its main stage and blew the minds of the audience with sunrises on its colossal mts Dance Arena and more than various music program on over 40 different music stages and zones all around the Fortress.

EXIT was voted Best Major Festival at the European Festival Awards 2017 in Groningen, Netherlands, which is a title the festival already won in 2014. EXIT has been shortlisted in Best Major Festivals category for nine years in a row and this year it has been shortlisted in two more categories: for the Take a Stand! and the Promoter of the Year awards!

Sea Dance Festival

30. August-1. September 2018. - Buljarica, Budva, Montenegro

Best Award

The last chapter of EXIT Freedom tour ended on the sandy beach Buljarica In Budva, Montenegro and the Sea Dance Festival! Stunning destination, more than 2km long Buljarica beach is the pearl of untouched nature in Mediterranean. An arc of soft sand and pebbles, backed by a deep-shade forest make this beach in Montenegro an oasis of green.

At the European Festival Awards Sea Dance won the title of Best Medium-Sized Festival in 2014, while it has been shortlisted in the same category ever since!

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