Exit oasis of peace at the new Pachamama Zone!

2. July 2018. — Author: EXIT

A new zone of this year’s Exit, Pachamama, will gather people from all over the world, creating a colorful and unique haven between your favorite gigs at the festival. Relaxing zone of the EXIT Festival, which celebrates 50 years from the famous Summer of Love, marking the events of 1967, when the revolutionary hippie movement was born, has been designed to allow the visitors to have an unforgettable experience, with wood instrument vibrations, shamanic and African drums, Tibetan gongs, digeridoos, handpan or hang drums, and Hindu singing of kirtan and bjahan. In accordance with this year’s topic of EXIT, the new stage will be filled with interesting and interactive content, celebrating the nature, harmony, mindfulness, unity and love, with exotic instruments never before seen in this part of the world! Pacha Mama or Mother Earth, represents an alternative way of life. It is a place of gathering for the young people dedicated to the preservation of the environment, a place for creative expression, positive energy, free love and celebration of life.

Shamanic drums will be represented by Ševko Bajić, Olgica Suturović, Laslo Boka i Danica Vukorep, while their skill on the planetary gongs will be shown by Silvana Leskovar, Mirjana Maksimović and Anika Petrović.

You will also be able to witness the drum skills of Jasna Jovićević, Boris Magdalenc and Ana Stojičić, who will, apart from the hang drum with a specific sound play the planetary gong. Hindu music performers, Milomir Gluhajić, with his Chakra Kirtan Band and Shaktipat Disksha, are preparing interactive performances, including dance acts, while Stefan Nikolić will introduce the visitors to the wind instrument digeridoo. You will have a chance to dance with Wild Spirit, and Herbert Quinteros from Peru will also be there, using the instruments from the ancient Andes, such as the quena flute and charango guitar, as well as the pan flute with condor feathers and guitars and drums that fulfill his music. Branko Isaković, a bass guitar player from Belgrade, who worked with Dejan Cukić and Bilja Krstić, will present his Teodullja and Divine Sound projects, focused on the ambient,  ethno and spiritual music.

Sensa relax zone in the EXIT Festival camp

Campers will also have access to the creative and inspirational workshops prepared by Sensa as a part of its #higherselfie Zone that will be open during the day, as a relaxed option of preparing for the festival.

The program will feature BodyART, training program based on the principles of yin and yang, as well as the five elements of Chinese medicine. Campers will be able to relax with mild ayurvedic facial massage and body meridian check, one of the oldest massage techniques. Every day, there will be a workshop of connecting with Mother Earth, the nutritionist program TrainCool, together with the combination of yoga, dancing, and martial arts, as well as tea painting and symbol therapy, 7 Drops of Light, which represents connecting with your creativity center and activating your creative potential. Campers will be able to try handmade cosmetics from fresh and organic ingredients. Each day apart from Friday, visitors from all over the world will be able to visit workshops on various topics, such as body percussion technique or using your body as a percussion instrument, sculpturing, ceramics, yoga, breathing exercises and meditation. Campers will be able to do Tibetan exercises, tai chi, yoga, meditate with the Heart Balance Coaching program, enjoy the gong bath and participate in the “I love you” performance.