All Information About EXIT 2024 Day 0 | Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: June 19 2024

What is Day 0?

Day 0 is the zero day of this year’s EXIT festival and will be held on Wednesday, July 10th at the Main Stage area.

How is Day 0 different from other festival days?

Unlike the following four days and nights of the EXIT festival, only the area around the Main Stage will be open, while other stages and zones across the fortress will not be available.

How can I buy tickets for Day 0?

Individual tickets for Day 0 are available at all physical points of sale and online. You can check current prices HERE.

What types of tickets are available for Day 0?

Regular and VIP tickets for Day 0 are available for purchase.

If I already have a four-day ticket for EXIT 2024, do I have access to Day 0?

All four-day tickets for EXIT 2024 purchased from the start of sales until June 5th give you access to Day 0 as a gift with mandatory prior registration, which ended on Monday, 17th of June.

Where and how can I register?

Registration process ended on Monday, June 17th.

Is registration mandatory?

Yes, registration is mandatory, and the process of registration ended on Monday,  June 17th.

If I buy a four-day ticket for EXIT 2024 after June 5th, do I have complimentary access to Day 0?

If you purchase a four-day ticket for EXIT 2024 after June 5th, you will need to buy a separate individual ticket for Day 0 and do not have complimentary access.

Do I need to have a four-day EXIT 2024 ticket to buy a ticket for Day 0?

No, you can buy a ticket for Day 0 in regular sales just like any other individual one-day pass.

Do I receive a ticket for Day 0 via email after registration?

No, you do not receive a ticket via email. Your previously registered four-day festival ticket ensures complimentary access to Day 0.

Which stages and zones do I have access to with a Day 0 ticket?

A Day 0 ticket gives you access to the Main Stage area along with VIP Gold zones, bars, and the main Foodland.

Which entrances are open on July 10th, and what are their working hours?

On Wednesday, July 10th, the main entrance at Lovoturs and the Ribnjak VIP entrance will be open. The working hours of the entrances are from 7 pm to 2 am.

Do EXIT VIP GOLD four-day ticket holders have the same benefits and access to VIP zones on Day 0 as they do for other festival days?

EXIT VIP GOLD four-day ticket holders who purchased their tickets by June 5th and registered within the designated period which  ended on Monday June 17th, have access to VIP GOLD zones at the Main Stage during Day 0, identical to the benefits of Day 0 VIP GOLD individual ticket holders.

Do EXIT four-day invitations apply to Day 0?

No, EXIT four-day invitations do not include complimentary access to the Day 0 program.

Can I use a Day 0 ticket for any other EXIT 2024 festival day?

No, a Day 0 ticket only grants access to the Day 0 program, which runs from 7 pm to 3 am, while entrances are open from 7 pm to 2 am.

Is a Day 0 ticket valid for one person only?

Yes, a Day 0 ticket is valid for one person and allows one entry to the festival area from 7 pm to 2 am. If you leave the festival area at any point during this period, re-entry will not be allowed.

I bought a ticket for the EXIT camp. Do I need to do anything else if I want to arrive a day earlier for Day 0?

No, the EXIT festival camp opens on Tuesday, July 9th, and you can arrive as soon as the gates open and enjoy the Danube shore!

Who is performing on Day 0?

On Wednesday, July 10th, the Main Stage will feature performances by Iniko, Whyte Fang, Burak Yeter i Dimash Qudaibergen, Baby Lasagna and many others. You can view the full program HERE.

When does the Day 0 program run?

The Day 0 program starts at 7 pm and lasts until 3 am. Remember that entrances for Day 0 are open from 7 pm to 2 am, and entry will not be possible after that.

Which stages will be active during Day 0?

On Wednesday, July 10th, only the Main Stage will be active, while other stages will start operating from Thursday, July 11th.

In what format will Dimash Qudaibergen perform?

Dimash Qudaibergen will be a special guest of Burak Yeter, performing several of their joint numbers together during his performance.