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6. July 2016. — Author: EXIT

This year again, Exit Festival is giving its visitors, and those who are not this year, a full live feed via new Internet social media.

At any given moment, whether you’re on your phone or at the computer, or looking at video beams at festival stages, you’ll get a report on what’s happening: starting from live broadcast of events from biggest festival stages on EXIT Festival’s official Youtube profile, as well as what some headliners think of the festival, Novi Sad and the audience, over high quality video recordings, to freshest photos, and all important info about the festival, and you can also be a part of this.

For all of you who could not join us due to work or some other circumstances, we will give you a full stream of some festival acts directly, with the help and the support of our partners, Youtube, and the very next morning, while you’re drinking your first afternoon coffee, our home page and will provide HQ recordings of the best festival bits from the night before.

Twitter, currently the hottest social network, enables performers and the visitors become a direct, real time part of the festival. Follow @ExitFestival to know official, useful information. Follow @ExitLive, your caring and a bit boring mom, always in front of your face, telling you when to go to the Main stage, reminding you of the weather forecast, parking spots… And don’t forget to tweet about #ExitMagic or #Exit2016!

Apart from that, check out the best photos of the day before with a little help of

Feel free to make videos and upload them on, and in this way become a part of Exit online machinery.

In the end, we are expecting your Instagram photos, just put “exitfestival” while uploading them and we will not forget the best photos and authors!

Don’t forget that Positive Vibration Reggae Stage, as well as the upper city of the Fortress will be public wi-fi zones, so if you feel like tweeting, use this opportunity. Express yourself at any given moment.

If you have some amazing audio recordings you can upload it on with tag “exitfestival” and it will be live on our website automatically.

Of course, given that is our second Internet house, with the little help by applications that connect social media, info, photos and videos will be published here too, and you can, as always, contribute by commenting, liking, sharing…

C U @ the Fortress :-)!