Serbia’s Goblini are a melodic punk-rock band that have ruled the region’s music scene in the last few decades. They were founded in 1992 in Šabac and gained popularity quickly, becoming one of the most respected names in music, both underground and mainstream. Some of their legendary albums from the nineties include "Istinite priče 1. deo" and "Re-Contra", while "U magnovenju" holds a special place in Serbia’s music history. Legions of their fans and punk afficionados know the lyrics to songs such as "Cipjonka", "Anja, volim te", "Ima nas", "U magnovenju", "Daleki put" and "On je ona je". After their concert in Zagreb in 2001 the band went on a break, returning in 2010 and continuing where they left of. With Branko Golubović still acting as a frontman, in 2013 they released the album "Roba s greškom" with the main single "Deca iz komšiluka". With this, they solidifed their title of punk legends and thus they are returning to Addiko Fusion Stage to once again deliver one of their famous energeting performances.