goran trajkoski

Goran Trajkoski


One of the most prominent and most avangarde artists in Macedonia is undoubtably Goran Trajkoski. Beside a successful solo career, he was the founder and/or member of some of the most respected Macedonian dark wave bands - Padot na Vizantija (Fall of Byzantium), Mizar, Anastasija…His versality is mirrored in the fact that he also composed music for movies and theatre. With a career spanning decades, he has an army of fans both in the region and Europe. Trajkoski’s musical journey started with punk-rock, sprinkled with self-analysis and taking in his surroundings, which resulted in his vast and impressive insight in Macedonian musical heritage. With Padot na Vizantija and Anastasia he opened a portal to Macedonia’s national, spiritual and aesthetic identity and he took his vision to Mizar and their anty-globalistic album “Terrible Beauty”, while “Circo Europia” was an especially intriguing project, bearing in mind its cabaret and anti-dystopian nature. All of this led to his last two solo albums in which various genres blend majestically.