Bristol punk sensation Idles exploded on the musical scene in the last year and they’re bringing consise carnage on this year’s Fusion Stage at EXIT Festival on Friday, July 13th! Their LP Brutalism released received considerable attention on its release and this alongside their incendiary live shows have garnered then a growing fan base ever since. Jeremy Vine is among their admirers, they were in Radio 6’s albums of the year for 2017 and they were number one on Spotify UK viral charts with "Well Done"! Amongst their singles is "Mother" which garnered almost 350.000 views on Youtube. 

Rock giants Foo Fighters invited them to be main and only support at their concert at O2 Arena in London, while Britain’s prestige paper The Guardian called them "furious and thrilling", describing their sound as "an inchoate cry of rage, with guitars that could raze the city". In a time of polarised politics and murky waters, Idles and bands like them are needed to remind people that it's ok to dance and laugh and sing in the face of adversity. So it’s only fitting that NME described their LP as full of "Visceral anthems that’s timed weirdly well for this year’s madness". At a time of lies, Idles bring you honesty. At a time of body shaming and Photoshop, Idles bring you a visceral barrage of joyous bile. This Bristol quintet described the contagious energy they emit during their performances perfectly in an interview with Dork: "We see our music as more of a dialogue than a monologue", adding "We want reactions".