Saturday, July 9 — Main Stage
Saturday, July 9
Main Stage

Thanks to his energetic sound and colourful style, American DJ and producer Charlie Duncker, better known as ACRAZE, has experienced a rapid rise on the electronic music scene. His tech-house remix of the song “Do It To It“, released in August 2021, breathed new life into the hit single performed in 2006 by the American R’n’B quartet Cherish. This remix found itself at the top of numerous dance charts and became the anthem of the summer, counting over 30 million views on YouTube alone!

This hitmaker’s lightning-quick rise and evolution testify to his ability to conquer any ground he steps on with his unique musical sense. From the distinctive bass line of the single “Marco Polo“ to the house remix of the disco hit “Funky Town“, ACRAZE has shown his determination to forge his path on stage using a universal ability to blur the boundaries of the genre.

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