Friday, July 5 — Explosive Stage
Friday, July 5
Explosive Stage

The giants of Norwegian metal scene Arcturus are coming to EXIT Festival! The legendary band moved limits of the creation of extreme sound from the very beginning, while its lineup includes members of other already legendary bands: Mayhem, Dimmu Borgir, Ulver, Borknagar, Covenant, Emperor and many others.

According to many, Arcturus have laid the foundations of a completely new genre and aesthetics within the metal branch from which many other subgenres and styles have developed. Their avant-garde spirit and unbridled freedom of creation have attracted countless fans all over the world. All that is left for EXIT festivalgoers is to patiently wait for July and a sonic and visual meeting with the band that will lead audiences into a magical journey through cosmic depths that are an eternal inspiration of this band.

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*EXIT reserves the right to change the lineup and artists without prior notice.