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Sunday, July 10 — Visa Fusion Stage
Sunday, July 10
Visa Fusion Stage

For 18 years, the Zagreb band Brkovi has successfully combined punk and hard rock, folk, heavy metal and reggae, packing it all into a unique and witty musical whole. Their sound is accompanied by the intensity of the genres mentioned above and jokingly banal love-based lyrics and emotional verses typical of turbo-folk, while they describe their music as “turbopunkwellness and spa.” True punks that they are, they release their albums entirely independently, and they have eight studio long-play releases, having published their first album “Punkfolkwellness” in 2009, becoming an instant hit on social media.

Their influence is evidenced by the sold-out concerts since the day they started. They are the first band without a publisher to fill hall of Dom Sportova in Zagreb, which many other bands couldn’t do. Roughly 4,000 people came to a concert of a band whose videos were never played on television and whose songs were not broadcast on the radio. This concert was followed by shows in Hala Sportova in Belgrade and big concerts throughout the region and Europe (Switzerland, Austria, Germany…)

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