Celestial Intelligence Live

Saturday, July 6 — Gaia Experiment Trance Stage
Saturday, July 6
Gaia Experiment Trance Stage

It all started at the end of 2009 when Branislav Dimkovski Kazak and Dalibor Anastasovski Pajko from Kumanovo, Macedonia joined forces and started a new project called Celestial Intelligence.

Kazak played solo guitar in a death metal band called Victim Yield from 2004-2008, and Pajko had no notion of playing any instrument but has worked on music softwares like Cubase and Fruity Loops for a long time ago.

They are currently working on new projects in their own style filled with emotions, happiness, psychedelic and twisted sounds that lead to madness in an imaginary world. Members of Celestial Intelligence wish to express their emotions and life experience through the Goa-trance music and contribute to today’s trance scene.

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