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Saturday, July 6 — Gaia Experiment Trance Stage
Saturday, July 6
Gaia Experiment Trance Stage

The artists are currently exploding on the global scene, their names on the tips of the dancefloor’s tongue. They are conquering new party destinations at every turn of the page, setting up base camps of fans all over the world.

Formed in 1999, the brothers have successfully collaborated with top artists from all over the world over the years, creating a vault of foot stomping tracks. The dynamic duo has covered almost every city in India, and have appeared on the main stage line-up for Sunburn Festival, Goa in 2007 and then again in 2009.

On the international scene, they have been welcomed with open arms at parties in Australia, UK, Mauritius, Thailand, Portugal. They are one of the first Indian / International artists to break ground in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia and Seoul, Korea.

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