DJ/MC Killo Killo

Sunday, July 7 — Pachamama World Chill-Inn
Sunday, July 7
Pachamama World Chill-Inn

Born in Novi Sad, Serbia, 1975. His real name is Vojislav Malešev, and works in the Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad as a singer in an opera choir. He also has a “stand alone” project as a reggae-ragga MC under the nick Killo Killo, where he sings over roots-reggae or ragga riddims using again his poetry and sometimes adding some oriental shades to existing tunes but most often he collaborates with Balkan-beat producers.

In 2007 he founded a band (KILLO KILLO Banda) able to play riddims for him in highly energetic fusion of funk, reggae-dancehall vibes.

As a DJ he actively takes part in all events organized by Global Village People, an organization which collects all kinds of world music artists and was involved in concert bookings and program selection of World Music stage at EXIT festival in Novi Sad as a freelance manager, booking agent and a promoter.

His favorite musical interests are mostly related to his “trance-global” thinking, based on an idea that by listening to music of India, middle East, Balkan, north Africa and Amazonia one can find spiritual happiness and soul enrichment.
He is capable of making people dance and enjoy themselves in modern rhythms combined with various traditional heritage of the third world, but can also sometimes drive people into a kind of meditational trance or one step away from the mystical experience.

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