DJ Spery

Saturday, July 6 — Pachamama World Chill-Inn
Saturday, July 6
Pachamama World Chill-Inn

DJ Spery is coming from Greece, having a secret power in her suitcase: “The Balkanization Project”. Realizing her passion for Balkan music years ago, she started playing music in 2008 and “balkanized” her country from city to city! She tried to bring the “Gypsy Feeling” on the Greek stage and transform the typical clubs into an Emir Kusturica’s scenery!

Eventually, she shares her decks with great DJs and producers such as the founder of Balkan Beats, Robert Soko (Balkan Beats-Berlin), the Globe Trotter DJ Click from France (Alimentation Generale-Paris) and !Deladap’s leader and producer, Stani Vana from Vienna, proving that her musical madness can fit beautifully to the European clubs! She also collaborated with him for his single “Gipsy Kicks”.

At the beginning of 2012, she creates the “Balkan Extravaganza” stage, a monthly party where she invites guest DJs and bands of Balkan and World music such as DJ Click (FR), DJ Gypsy Box (Spain-Mexico), DJ Kosta Kostov (Bulgaria) and Melios BalkanaMama(GR) at her homeland, Greece.

In summer 2012, she had the honor to open Goran Bregovic’s concert in Athens. After some months, she performed at the great Womex Festival in Thessaloniki and also opened Baba Zula’s big concert in Pireus, Greece on November 2012.

From the beginning of 2013, she started producing her own remixes and on 2016, she releases her first single “Muzika!” with big success. She is now working on her first complete album.

At the same time, she continues being the opening act at great concerts of artists like Manu Chao, Goran Bregović, Gogol Bordello, Marko Marković, Locomondo, Koza Mostra etc. and she is touring in Europe for her Balkan Extravaganza show, bringing her music to France, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Switzerland!

Her full two-hour show combines a hot DJ set of crazy rhythms and melodies that she accompanies with elegant movements which are reminiscent of a belly dancer, joyful vocals that make you jump up and down and live sounds from her tambourine and traditional drum! By choosing songs from the best Balkan brass bands, she attracts the audience to feel a musical “orgasm” on the dancefloor.

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