Entombed A.D.

Sunday, July 7 — Explosive Stage
Sunday, July 7
Explosive Stage

If you don’t know Entombed A.D, the sonic force fronted by former Nihilist and Entombed vocalist L-G Petrov, well, then you’re either no metalhead, or have slept under a rock since the late ’80s, or have already gone the way of all mortal flesh, with swarms of crawling maggots fervently peeling every single bit of meat from your sorry bones.

Inspired by diverse acts such as Autopsy, Motörhead, Discharge or Kiss, Entombed A.D. is not afraid to think outside the coffin, resulting in a style some fans call death’n’roll. This made them a band that was, is and always will be a phenomenon with a style and impact entirely their own.

With two full-length albums (”Back to the Front” and ”Dead Dawn”) released under their new persona, which came after the disbandment of the original Entombed, they have proved their title as the rightful kings of death’n’roll. In August 2018 they released their new single ”Fit For A King” from their forthcoming album, planned to be released in early 2019!

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