Greta Van Fleet

Saturday, July 6 — Main Stage
Saturday, July 6
Main Stage

Greta Van Fleet, a band consisting of three brothers and their childhood friend, remind us of the very essence of rock’n’roll with every new performance: riffs that take over the body, bass and drums that drive it and a powerful voice that confirms the eternal life of rock’n’roll. The average age of band members is barely over 20, yet they have already conquered the American charts, with their debut album “Anthem of the Peaceful Army”, unveiled in October, which has already found itself on the top of Billboard Hard Rock and Top Rock lists, and took a very high third place on the general Billboard 200 album chart that has been dominated exclusively by pop artists in this century.

The fierce vocals of 22-year-old Josh Kiszka captivate at first listening, and the ease with which he sings even the most difficult parts is enough to cause disbelief and comparisons to living rock god and Led Zeppelin frontman, Robert Plant! In an interview this year, where he was asked to point out his up-and-coming music favorites, Plant said: “There is a band in Detroit called Greta Van Fleet. They are Led Zeppelin I and they have a beautiful little singer”, and when the journalist said that it is incredible that someone that young can have such a huge voice, Plant jokingly added: “I hate him!” The seal of approval for Greta comes not only from Roger Glover, the bassist of Deep Purple, and famous actor Tom Hanks, but also from music icon Elton John, who personally called them and said: “This is the best rock’n’roll I’ve heard in the last 20 years!”

Greta Van Fleet stirred the stardust last year, with their hit “Highway Tune”, the first of their three singles that reached first place on the Billboard rock chart, the last one in line being their newest hit, “When the Curtain Falls”. Their explosive success, the likes of which have not been seen for a long time, brought them to the prestigious Forbes magazine list “30 under 30” and gave them Loudwire Magazine’s award for Best New Artist!

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