Jeff Mills

Sunday, July 7 — mts Dance Arena
Sunday, July 7
mts Dance Arena

The multitalented Jeff Mills is responsible for the renowned Detroit school of techno and is the founder of its most famous institution “Underground Resistance”. He started releasing his first albums, the Waveform Transmission series, back in 1992 for Berlin’s techno institution Tresor, and is also one of the pioneers of the three or more-turntable mixing style. He is also known for his nickname “The Wizard”, used to describe his amazing skill of using over 70 records in one hour during his set! His authentic expression and virtuoso technique were recorded in two documentaries – “Exhibitionist”, which was even featured in the Louvre in Paris, where Mills spent four months as the curator of a multimedia series exhibitions. Mills composed the new, contemporary background for the silent film “Metropolis” by Fritz Lang from 1927, which he performed live accompanied by a symphonic orchestra.

His undoubtable contribution to contemporary art also brought him the title of France’s Knight of Order of Arts and Letters, while he was later promoted to an Officer of Order of Arts and Letters! During his rich, two-decade long career, Jeff Mills had performances on all the major world festivals, as well as over twenty released albums with more than one hundred other editions. Apart from presenting new material with his jazz quartet Spiral Deluxe late last year, the Detroit wizard recently announced plans to release a four-track compilation which will feature a previously unreleased version of his 1994 classic “Suspense”.

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