Lag + Monosaccharide Live

Friday, July 5 — No Sleep Novi Sad
Friday, July 5
No Sleep Novi Sad

DJ, producer and promoter of the underground culture, Serbian-born Lag already has a rich international career. Nurtured on a diet of punk and classical education in music, these influences can be heard in his techno-based material. His path led him to EXIT festival’s main DJ stage, as well some of the world’s most legendary clubs such as Berlin’s Tresor. He released his first EP “Stutter” in 2013, a highly acclaimed release which came out on Singularity Recordings, while his newer successes include a mix for the renowned DJ Mag, an EP release on MORD Records titled “All the Children Are Insane”, as well as a split release with Rebekah for the Elements label.

Lag will share the stage at EXIT Festival with the like-minded Monosaccharide – the eclectic Belgradian duo formed in 2012 by Dragana Milinković and Sreten Savić, making a name for themselves thanks to their dark and dazing techno tracks and presenting themselves a year later with their first album “Unity”. Along the way, Monosaccharide established their own label Digitronica and released their debut EP “Hard&Gentle”, while last year releasing the “Dirty Boulevards & Fake Dreams” EP. Named after the simple sugars that fuel the brain, Monosaccharide consider themselves to be something in between a conventional electronic band and a DJ duo, describing themselves as “instruments who make music that comes from the stars”.

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