Saturday, July 9 — Visa Fusion Stage
Saturday, July 9
Visa Fusion Stage

The cult Rijeka band Paraf was founded in the mid-1970s, when it laid the foundation for a new sound in our region and made history as the first punk band in Croatia, earning the timeless title of “the fathers of the punk movement“.

Almost every song from the anthology album “A dan je tako lijepo počeo“ activates a social alarm, starting with the song “Goli otok“, which never officially came to life on any tape or record but still managed to push the boundaries at the time of its creation. This album became the Yugoslav counterpart of “Never Mind The Bollocks“ by the Sex Pistols. The band’s frontman Predrag Kraljević – Kralj, was proclaimed the first king of Ri rock, one of the longest-running festivals in the region and an organisation that shaped Rijeka’s music culture.

Four years after their first show, Paraf opened for the cult British punk rock band The Ruts on their Yugoslav tour. Aside from the turbulences and line-up changes that accompany every major band, nobody can dispute their influence and legacy as the band that shaped generations of punks.

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