Paul Kalkbrenner

Friday, July 5 — mts Dance Arena
Friday, July 5
mts Dance Arena

One of the greatest producers of electronic music, Paul Kalkbrenner is well-known for headlining festival and stadium performaces in front of tens of thousands of people, the venues which have been reserved only for the greatest bands of the world, such as U2 or Rolling Stones. His performance at the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, in front of half a million people, is still something that is talked about.

Kalkbrenner is undoubtedly a symbol of Berlin as the world capital of contemporary electronic music. The creator of such classics as the multiplatinum “Sky & Sand”, he is the main actor of the cult film and album “Berlin Calling”, which spread on the Internet like some kind of techno Bible, while the interest for the film itself is best shown by the fact that it has been part of Berlin’s Kino Central’s repertoire for years!

Kalkbrenner started his career in 1992, while his first release was for BPitch Control in 1999. In the last two decades his eight studio albums pushed the limits of electronic music, primarily because he is not a DJ, but performs live, exclusively with his tracks that constantly dictate new trends in electronic music.

He brought his new album “Parts of Life” to last year’s Sea Dance festival, playing it for the first time in the Balkans, combining it with anthems such as aforementioned “Sky and Sand” and “Aaron”.

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