Četvrtak, 4. jul - OPENS DAY — Gaia Experiment Trance Stage
Četvrtak, 4. jul - OPENS DAY
Gaia Experiment Trance Stage

Pura was born in the summer of 1985, in the city of Šabac, in Serbia. Grew up by the river, listening to nature, connecting the sounds with Goa Trance at the age of 12, and then he takes the musical path of no return, where he still walks. He played music for the first time in 2003, and since then, through his journeys and communication with different cultures and people, he develops the skills of self-sustainability and alternative living. His experience grew in the fields of party and festival organizing, ecology, bio-constructions, musical production, graphic design, stage decorations.

He is one of the creators of Save the Rave Tribe Org, and NGO Zen.IT Creative Society, which produced several eco-music festivals and various creative and educational workshops, and from 2013, a music label Zenit Galaxy Records. His musical influences are psychedelic trance, forest, ambient, experimental, and various jam sessions, although the music he plays in his DJ sets depends on the environment, people and the time of night (or day) when he plays.

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