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Saturday, July 6 — Gaia Experiment Trance Stage
Saturday, July 6
Gaia Experiment Trance Stage

Nikola Vuković is a renowned composer and music producer who has worked with many world stars. His work includes a vast number of world music, film music, deep house, tech house, experimental and chillout tracks with their own Live Acts. In addition, he has rich experience in creating music, TV production, and graphic and Web design.

Goran Bjesnović is a VJ and a videographer who has been working with world famous artists on major music festivals for a number of years. He also produces music videos and has had a notable DJ career.

VJ Aga is a VJ and a video anthropologist who has worked with some of the most famous electro and world music Live acts (Mistake Mistake, Shazalakazoo) and who has been performing regularly at key music festivals (EXIT, Sonica, TransSerbia, Get Excited, E-tvrđava, Big Snow, Golija Fest, Love Fest).

Dušan Kaličanin is the founder of the eminent organization “Technokoratia” and is a pioneer when it comes to techno and trance music scene. He is also a producer of cultural events such as TransSerbia, Yu:Go, Transplant, Star House… which have been created in collaboration with the leading world labels (Trust in Trance, Spirit Zone, Phonokol, Dragonfly, Flying Rhino, Transient, Hom Mega, Krembo, Matsuri, Optimus). Dušan is also a DJ, VJ, TV editor and producer of MTV, VIVA and MCM music videos.

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