Sunday, July 10 — Main Stage
Sunday, July 10
Main Stage

The global metal sensation, Brazilian band Sepultura, has as many as 15 albums, including riffs ingrained in the history of metal and rock music in general. The famous “Against“ from 1998, one of the band’s most successful LPs, reached the top 20 charts in seven countries. Last year, Sepultura presented a new version of its 18-year-old iconic song “Apes of God“, recorded with Death Angel guitarist Rob Cavestany.

In February 2020, Sepultura released its fifteenth studio album “Quadra“ but was forced to postpone the promotional tour due to the pandemic. As an alternative, the band’s members launched a weekly podcast called SepulQuarta, featuring many influential musicians and founders of the hard rock and metal scene, including members of Megadeth, Testament, Anthrax and System of a Down.

This year, heralding the return of the entire music industry, the guitar titans are going on tour through 24 countries for a total of 78 concerts, including the one at the Petrovaradin Fortress as part of the EXIT Festival in July.

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