New Exit Magic card by OTP bank allows you to save up during the festival and across Serbia!

29. June 2016. — Author: EXIT

Belgrade, 30 June 2016 – Exit Festival in partnership with OTP Bank and the MasterCard ® Company present the EXIT Magic Card equipped with the latest MasterCard contactless payment technology. The card allows discounts from 5 to 50% at over 400 locations across Serbia. From the cinema, bookstore, theatre, concerts, to cafés, gyms, fashion outlets, and you can find the complete list of locations where you can achieve discounts at What makes EXIT’s payment card truly magical is the fact that it allows free banking services up to the amount of 7,200 RSD at OTP Banks – free bank account maintenance, free m-banking and free text message services! With the magic card you can pay across Serbia and abroad at all locations marked by MasterCard, as well as online payments.

EXIT magic card by OTP Bank is the official means of payment at EXIT Festival and only with it you can pay for drinks, food and souvenirs. All who register their card at OTP Banks automatically achieve up to 15% discounts on all drinks at all EXIT bars and at EXIT Camp. Cards are available at all OTP Banks where they can be registered right there and then.

For more information about EXIT Magic Card by OTP Bank please visit