exit festival recognized by un‘s world tourism organization

EXIT festival recognized by UN‘s World Tourism Organization


The United Nations’ World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has recognized EXIT as a socially responsible company and a positive force in tourism, thanks to its festival network that brings together thousands of people all over the world and connects multiple countries in its region. EXIT officially became a code signatory of UNWTO’s Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, which requires its signatories to commit to the basic ethical principles that foster sustainable and responsible development of tourism.

UNWTO’s Code deals with various subjects connected to responsible tourism, including mutual understanding and respect between societies, contributing to the enhancement of cultural heritage, rights of workers and entrepreneurs in the tourism industry, sustainable development, as well as individual and collective fulfilment.

The Signing Ceremony was attended by Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization Taleb Rifai and President of EXIT Foundation Ivan Petrović, who both participated as signatories of UNWTO’s Code.

EXIT connected various parts of the Balkans through its Summer of Love campaign in 2017 – from Montenegro’s Sea Dance Festival, Croatia’s brand-new Sea Star Festival in Umag to Romania’s Revolution Festival. Since a need was recognized for a winter-set music festival in the region, EXIT announced a new addition to its family – a festival on Jahorina mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Previous research done by TIM Center showed that EXIT’s Summer of Love contributed to the region’s economy with at least 34 million euros, while EXIT Festival has brought Serbia’s economy over 150 million euros since its foundation.

In addition to these favorable numbers, EXIT Festival set a record in 2017, thanks to over 215.000 visits from over 60 countries. Results from questionnaires also showed that over 98% visitors will certainly or almost certainly visit the festival again.