The electropop group Nipplepeople was founded in 2008 and besides catchy songs, they are characterized by their masked appearances, which puts their sound forward. Audiences on Addiko Fusion Stage will dance to hits such as "Broj", "Sutra", "Bolji", "Ne volim te" and "Balkan Express", but also to "Frka" which was heard everywhere last year. This song is actually a cover of Zdenka Kovačiček’s well-known single from 1981. The unique duo gathered more than 2 million views on YouTube for the video, while "Sutra" has over 4 million! They sold out many clubs and concert halls all over the region and garnered quite a few music nominations and awards. Wherever they show up, their energy and intriguing presence get them attention. Their performance on the Addiko Fusion Stage of EXIT and this year’s performance on Sea Star Festival’s main stage speaks volumes of their fame that has spread so rapidly recently.