sara renar

Sara Renar


In 2011, when Sara Renar appeared on the Croatian music scene with her song "Trebam te", nobody really knew in which direction the career of the “girl with the guitar” might go from there. While her debut abum Djeca from 2013 was a mix of mostly catchy indie/pop rock songs, the two albums that followed, Jesen from 2014 and Tišina from 2016, added a more complex sound, serious notes and subtle melodies to her music. At the same time, she engaged in more mature, thoughtful and varied songwriting. In 2015, she received the Porin, a prestigious Croatian music award, for Best Alternative Album and Best Vocal Performance, while two years later she was nominated for Best (Alternative) Album. Lately, Sara has ventured into another artistic domain, with the theatrical-musical performance Where Do You Draw the Line.