British punk duo Slaves, with Isaac Holmes on drums and vocals and Laurie Vincent on guitar and vocals, will conquer the Petrovaradin Fortres and EXIT’s Fusion Stage with their energetic sound and radical stance! These young musicians hail from Kent and have managed to excite music critics world-wide! Britain’s famous newspaper The Guardian described them perfectly, as a band that showed up "with primal songs that throw together punk existentialism, sketches of suburban life and absurd narratives about manta rays and sasquatches in noisy three-minute bursts"

Thanks to their distinctive demeanour and lo-fi garage punk sound, they were amongst BBC Music’s Sound of 2015! Even though they never call directly to action and protests, they use their lyrics to rebel against ignorance, lethargy and modern society’s obsession with routine and never stirring off one’s lane. EXIT Festival’s crowd will relish in Slaves’ captivating performance and explosive numbers including "Cheer Up London", which has well over two million YouTube views already, and "The Hunter"!