The iconic band Sunshine was formed in 1993 by the vocalist Branko Bojović Bane who founded it with vocalist Đorđe Radivojević, also known as Đole Ramirez. Recording several demo recordings in the early 1980s and being directly influenced by rap music, while spending two years living in the United States during the late 1980s, Bojović decided to present his own interpretation of the genre. The name Sunshine stems from a record shop in Denver which carried the infamous NWA album and thus inspired Bojović with this bold move. The band recorded their debut album "Ljubavna likvefakcija", released through Jugodisk, combining rap and hardcore punk with explicit lyrics, being thus distanced from the mainstream media but nevertheless gaining a loyal fan base. The band has issued four studio albums and in 2006 the song “Misli mene gone” was polled No. 34 on The B92 Top 100 Domestic Songs list. The band is currently in the studio again and planning new material that will surely excite their fans, seeing how the band influenced a whole generation in the 90s with their presence.