The winners of Exit’s international performer competition!

4. December 2015. — Author: EXIT

After a record number of applicants for the „Perform at Exit 2015!“ competition, the judging panel has had to select an astounding 43 winners, a decision based solely on the quality of the contestants this year. Exit and the Student Culture Centre Novi Sad, have together realised the biggest competition for emerging music talent yet. The winners this year will perform at the leading stages of the festival from 9 to 12 July. Two spots at Exit’s Main Stage fall to the Greek band 10 Code and the singer songwriter Sara Renar from Zagreb, Croatia. The Fusion stage will welcome Bobo Knežević and Cotomašina from Zagreb as well, with Kim Tamara from Šid, Omnibusi from Kosovska Mitrovica, and Plastic Sunday from Niš. The Explosive stage has also received additional reinforcements with the bands L.U.R. from Kragujevac, Them Frequencies from Sofia, Bulgaria, and No Limits from Koper, Slovenia.

The revered stage Future Shock is coming back this year at Exit, and has received the bulk of the winners, and by honouring its name it will present 26 bands from the competition! The first evening is slated for Lorna Wing (Beograd), Srce male rode III (Vršac), On Tour (Belgrade) and The Hoods (Vršac), and special guests like the experienced bands Drum ’n Zez (Novi Sad), Neozbiljni pesimisti (Sombor) and Gypsy Mafia (Zrenjanin). The second night on Friday, 10 July, will bear Neon Bears (Manchester), Čistilište (Belgrade), Kepurdath (Tetovo), Microsonic (Novi Sad), Wooden Ambulance (Subotica), Freaky Fight For Freedom (Belgrade) and The Bangcock (Belgrade), with special guests Xanax from Belgrade and The Big Wave from China! The Future Shock stage will present the sounds of the future with Aurora (Banja Luka), Subway (Ada), Rossomahaar (Moscow), Casillas (Novi Sad), Hang99 (Belgrade), Konstruktivists (Norfolk, UK), Extreme Smoke 57 (Nova Gorica, SLO), Neprijatelj prelazi zeku (Novi Sad), with special guest Deca apokalipse from Belgrade. The final night, 12 July, is set for this year’s competition representatives Cavalcades (Aberdeen, UK), ESC Life (Zagreb), Bolesna štenad (Beograd), Loši deca (Skopje), Lorraine (Vienna), Against The Odds (Novi Sad) and Raskid 13 (Pančevo), with support from Straight Mickey & The Boyz from Belgrade, and Proleće from Novi Sad!

The electronic music program at Exit has also received excellent reinforcement from this year’s competition. Thusly, the No Sleep Novi Sad stage will hold performances from Techa (Novi Sad), Ubivae (Novi Sad), Monosaccharide (Beograd) and Subview (Novi Sad). The trance stage has also selected its winning party from Belgrade, made up of Mali Buda, Stefan Zindović, Magnetik and Petar Burisha.

The judging panel is made up of the music journalist at the Radio Television of Serbia and author of the show „Bunt“, Branka Glavonjić; the music editor at MTV Adria and founder of the label „Lampshade Media“, Nikola Jovanović; the co-founder of Novi Sad’s „Concert of the Year“ and music editor at Radio Novi Sad, Obrad Boba Škrbić; the music journalist of the Radio Television of Vojvodina and author of the show „Gruvanje“, Dušan Majkić; and the program editor at the Student Culture Centre Novi Sad, Igor „Zgro“ Todorović. Beside the votes of the program production team at Exit festival and the judging panel, the audience also lent their voice this year via direct support at the music platform SoundCloud, which continues to additionally promote all applicants to the millions of its user, no matter the final outcome of the competition!