Tickets Registration

Ticket Registration 2023
Ticket Registration 2023

If you bought your four-day ticket for EXIT festival in the period from 15th December 2022 to 15th January 2023, during our Holiday offer, you are able to enter our seaside festivals Sea Star (19th-20th May, Umag, Croatia) and Sea Dance (18th-20th August, Budva, Montenegro) as a gift. Please note: EXIT ticket registration is necessary!

You can upgrade your EXIT ticket and make it valid for the seaside festivals TODAY; you only have to select the festival(s) you want to attend.

You have enough time to think it through, or choose both festivals, but remember that registration lasts until the 10th of April.

Important: you can enter Sea Star festival with a registered EXIT ticket, while entrance to Sea Dance festival will require a registered EXIT wristband.

Sea Star Festival

Stella Maris, Umag, Croatia
May 19th–20th

Sea Dance Festival

Budva, Montenegro
August 18th–20th