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No Sleep Novi Sad

Jamie Roberts, better known as Blawan, has become a maestro in his own techno universe during the past decade, using his talent and knowledge. His last year’s debut solo album “Wet Will Always Dry” was named the Best British Album by the renowned DJ Mag. With a handful of other pseudonyms, as well as his own label TERNESC through which he delivered analog productions and live sets to a craving audience, Blawan has cemented his position as the fresh face of pounding industrial techno.

The Brit started out young, as a drummer, which is reflected in his work full of straight and swinging rhythm, and has since had many pseudonyms, including Trade for his collabs with Surgeon. The labels he has worked with are varied, including Hessle Audio, R&S, Clone’s Basement Series, Hinge Finger, Black Sun, The Trilogy Tapes and Avian.

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