Nedelja, 7. jul — Addiko Fusion Stage
Nedelja, 7. jul
Addiko Fusion Stage

EXIT Festival greets another figure that participated in the permanent shaping of the metal scene, Tarja Turunen! The ex-frontwoman of the best-known Finnish band, Nightwish, combined her operatic vocals and metal sound, bringing to life and popularizing an entire genre.

After leaving the band, she dedicated herself to a successful solo career and her album “The Shadow Self”, published in 2016, found itself on the tops of rock and heavy metal charts on iTunes in several countries! This year’s undertaking, the live-art album “Act II (Live)”, apart from the effortless “switching” between the intimate and the grandiose, confirms that Tarja is one of the best live vocals ever to come out of Scandinavia.

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