I Hate Models

Donderdag, 4 juli - OPENS DAY — No Sleep Novi Sad
Donderdag, 4 juli - OPENS DAY
No Sleep Novi Sad

The mysterious French behind the name I Hate Models began his conquest with the aid of his cathartic sets which fuse synthwave, early trance, cold-wave and industrial. The world came to know him through his remarkable remixes for Depeche Mode, as well as multiple singles which signal the coming of a new wave of expression on electronic music scene. Regarded as one of the most talented producers of today, he started out in 2016 and already had the honor of Aphex Twin playing his track “500 Lesbians in Irak” on this year’s Coachella, even though it was released three years ago!

I Hate Models won over festivalgoers at November’s No Sleep Festival in Belgrade, while he released his furious and melancholic EP “Spreading Plague” for Perc Trax at the end of last year. Apart for other releases for Voitax, T/W/B and Pls.uk, he finished 2018 with the track “Izanami” for ARTS label. His EXIT Festival set will be enriched by his debut album „L’Âge Des Métamorphoses”, ready to be published in June.

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