Zvonko Bogdan

Zondag, 7 juli — Addiko Fusion Stage
Zondag, 7 juli
Addiko Fusion Stage

The legendary Zvonko Bogdan holds the informal title as the maestro of Pannonian chansons. Not only a singer, but also a composer, painter, poet and jockey, he enriches his talents with a bohemian charm, while his songs more often than not are peppered with the sound of the traditional Serbian instrument tamburica.

He recorded his first song “Svake noći tebi pevam” in 1968, and since then has authored dozens of evergreen hits, such as “Ko te ima taj te nema”, “Ta tvoja suknja plava”, “Fijaker stari”, “Kada padne prvi sneg” and “Ej, salaši”. His performance at EXIT Festival’s Addiko Fusion Stage two years ago is still much talked about, thanks to the overwhelming positive energy that formed between the famous singer and the audience.

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