Četvrtak, 4. jul - OPENS DAY — Gaia Experiment Trance Stage
Četvrtak, 4. jul - OPENS DAY
Gaia Experiment Trance Stage

Behind the name DaPeace is Damir Scasni form Belgrade, Suntrip Records label DJ and part of Chaotic Beats and Wicked Forest crew. Highly respected and appreciated among artists and DJs and one of the busiest trance DJs in Serbia. He has more than a decade of DJ experience, which can be described as a complete psychedelic story, as you can hear him play all kinds of psychedelic music, with the essence which is always the same – high-quality production without any boundaries.

Music festivals caused huge impact on his music taste and complete lifestyle. Surrounded by nature and fulfilled with magic of psychedelic culture he always delivers his emotions directly from his heart and soul during his sets, which is followed with energetic dancing and close contact with the audience.

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