Nina Kraviz

Nina Kraviz

— mts Dance Arena

mts Dance Arena

Nina Kraviz is an absolute leader in modern electronic sound. She fell in love with techno back in the nineties, and her first album, “I’m Week,” which received much praise, was released in 2012 under the Rekids label. Just two years later, she launched her own label called Trip.

She was also part of the video game Cyberpunk 2077, having participated in writing the music. Already in 2018, she was named the Best Female Underground Performer, and she now has numerous releases under her belt, including an album, DJ mixes, remixes, and singles. Because of her bold sets, fans and media unanimously call her a trendsetter and leader who is single-handedly reshaping the global DJ scene! Recently, she released the song “White Horse” with Indira Paganotto. After countless headliner sets at almost all leading festivals in the world, including EXIT, she is returning to the mts Dance Arena as part of an all-female concept, where she will perform shoulder to shoulder with Indira, as well as Amelie Lens, Tijana T, MIJU, Lanna and Vylana.

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