23 Unique Moments That Defined EXIT 2023!

Just over a week since the conclusion of EXIT Festival, which this year attracted more than 200,000 attendees and over a thousand performers from over 120 countries, experiences are still being recounted, and impressions are being collected into some of the most beautiful, unforgettable memories that will last forever.

18. July 2023. — Author: EXIT

On that note, we highlight 23 particularly impactful moments that marked the 2023 edition and made EXIT Universe special – and these are just a few of many!


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1) Keinemusik in EXIT’s Temple of Electronic Music

The Keinemusik collective put on a spectacular finale to this year’s EXIT Festival at mts Dance Arena, delivering the soundtrack of the summer, emotional melodies, and tribal percussion accompanied by the most beautiful sunrise over EXIT’s temple of electronic music.

2) The Mystical Vylana at the Opening of mts Dance Arena

mts Dance Arena was opened with an empowering performance by musician, visionary, and sound alchemist Vylana Marcus, who transported the audience into the heart of Ada Divine Awakening festival and inaugurated a unique all-female night.

3) The Return of The Prodigy

The grand comeback of The Prodigy will be remembered as one of the most striking EXIT shows. Symbolically, they started their concert with the song Breathe, which was first performed live in Serbia nearly two decades ago, followed by a high-energy, emotionally charged show.

4) Nina Kraviz and Indira Paganotto in a Surprise B2B Set

The two undisputed queens of the electronic music scene, Nina Kraviz and Indira Paganotto, performed on Thursday at mts Dance Arena, delighting fans with an unexpected, spontaneous B2B mini-set between their individual performances!


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5) The Youngest and Oldest Visitor to mts Dance Arena Ever!

“Prvi put sa ocem na jutrenje!“ (“First time with dad in the morning”) – Dušan Kovačević posted on Instagram, sharing photos from EXIT with his father, Ilija, and son Noa. They arrived in the morning, well-rested, knowing that the spectacular finale at mts Dance Arena was not to be missed!

6) Children’s Choir Singing “Zemlja” at the Opening of Gorki List Main Stage

The most emotional moment of the grand opening ceremony on Gorki List Main Stage was the performance of “Zemlja” by the iconic band Ekatarina Velika by the “Vokal Kids” choir and the choir of Stevica Jovanović Elementary School from Pančevo, earning roaring applause from the vast audience.

7) Skrillex and “Zvižduk u 8“

Skrillex began his set with the local classic “Zvižduk u 8“ by Yugoslavian music legend Đorđe Marjanović, to the general surprise of the audience gathered in front of Gorki List Main Stage, followed by a series of new and old hits from this production giant!


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8) RZA (Wu-Tang Clan) and Bege Fank in a Backstage Chess Match

The backstage of Gorki List Main Stage was a place of memorable star-crossed interactions, as RZA, the mastermind behind the greatest hip-hop group of all time, Wu-Tang Clan, and Bege Fank, each after their performances, decided to relax with a game of chess.

9) Lanna Conquers mts Dance Arena

The first representative of the EXIT Echosystem Music & Talent Office, the wunderkind of the electronic music scene Lanna, delighted the audience at mts Dance Arena alongside the scene’s most powerful women – Nina Kraviz, Amelie Lens, and Indira Paganotto.

10) Vintage Culture and the Birthday Cake

Brazilian producer and DJ Vintage Culture arrived at EXIT the day after his birthday, which merited special treatment – during his performance at mts Dance Arena, EXIT team brought him a birthday cake!

11) Eric Prydz at EXIT After 10 Years

After a decade of anticipation, the undisputed #1 of the electronic scene, Eric Prydz, arrived at mts Dance Arena with an unforgettable performance and the distinct Pryda sound that had tens of thousands of fans dancing!

 12) Skrillex’s Spontaneous Meet & Greet with Fans

Last Friday at EXIT, Skrillex took the time to greet, take pictures, and socialize with his fans in a spontaneous meet & greet immediately after a performance that will be remembered for a long time!

13) Alesso “Used Up All the Fireworks in Serbia”

“If there’s a firework shortage in Serbia, it’s definitely not because of me…“ Alesso posted on Instagram with a clip of the fantastic production that this year on Gorki List Main Stage involved 250 m2 of LED screens, over 300 lighting devices, and incredible pyrotechnics and special effects.


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14) First “Beyond The Universe” Award Handed Out

Producer and DJ Coeus received the inaugural “Beyond The Universe” award, dedicated to artists whose talents surpass the local scene. The award was presented to him at EXIT in collaboration with Gorki List.

15) Opening Ceremony at the Pachamama Stage

The festival’s kickoff on Pachamama powered by Rosa stage was marked with an ancient cacao ceremony and meditative-musical kirtans by the Sarasvati Druna band. The festival was opened by EXIT’s founder and director Dušan Kovačević, with his three-month-old daughter Atina Ljubav Kovačević, symbolizing the message of the New Earth.

16) Wu-Tang Clan and Smoke Mardeljano

Another star-crossed mingling of global and local hip-hop scenes happened backstage at Gorki List Main stage. This time, it was Smoke Mardeljano sharing a moment with members of the Wu-Tang Clan, who signed their autographs on his tattoo!

17) Two All-Female Nights on the Two Biggest Festival Stages!

This year, EXIT Universe dedicated two days on its two biggest stages to the most powerful women musicians. Hip-hop and R’n’B sounds were brought to Gorki List Main stage by Senidah, Mimi Mercedez, Sajsi MC, and Kejt on Saturday, while the first festival night at mts Dance Arena was marked by Nina Kraviz, Amelie Lens, Indira Paganotto, Lanna, Miju, and Vylana.

18) Aubrey Marcus: “This moment will send an echo reverberating eon after eon.”

Motivational speaker Aubrey Marcus kicked off the opening ceremony on Gorki List Main Stage with a powerful message, “Together we could help build a more beautiful world that woud exist for our children and our children’s children, a world of peace, a world of love, a world of dance, a world of joy. And we have that chance to build this world together. This moment will send an echo reverberating eon after eon.” 

19) Festival Opening from Space

EXIT began with a historical moment – the first-ever festival opening from space, sending a powerful message to humanity – the universe is watching, listening, and hoping, and only together can we create a New Earth!

20) Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Create a Spectacle at Gorki List Main Stage

Fireworks, confetti, lasers, CO2, and a power-packed setlist – the duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike didn’t leave the audience any time to rest with a performance that set the entire Gorki List Main Stage dancing!

21) Hot Since 82 and a Magical Dawn Over mts Dance Arena

Fan-favorite Hot Since 82 had thousands of festival attendees in front of mts Dance Arena until the early morning hours, all enjoying the most gorgeous sunrise over EXIT’s temple of electronic music.

22) “Life is Live” Campaign and Messages of Support Throughout Petrovaradin Fortress

As part of the Life is Live” campaign, two Phone Free zones were set up at the festival to encourage visitors to prioritize experiencing live moments. Throughout the Petrovaradin Fortress, messages of support were displayed, such as “Compassion will save the world,” “Understanding is an act of love,” “Be gentle to yourself,” “Show your shine,” “Your feelings matter,” “Connect, that’s where the magic begins” and many others, reminding visitors that they are in a place ruled by tolerance, connection, love, and peace.

23) World’s Biggest Stars Enthralled by the Festival and Its Location

“It was crazy!”, “The energy was perfect,” “It feels like freedom,” “If I had to pick a spot, this is the ideal spot to do a festival,” “The coolest location for a festival in the world,” “It’s like you entered a different city, where all the different kinds of music combine together, it is something that you cannot find anywhere else,” “I feel I have the energy for one year” – these are just some of the impressions shared by Onyx, Sofi Tukker, Burak Yeter, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Agents Of Time, Indira Paganotto and many others after their performances at EXIT!