An exit from pandemic

EXIT Strategy

EXIT Strategy conference is entering its second season, in a year when there are many more reasons for optimism in the music and event industries. Thanks to these positive developments, a festival season relying on clear rules and solutions instead of unpredictability and cancellations is anticipated globally.

However, in many countries around the world, the event sector is still stagnant, waiting on the decisions of governments when it comes to organising events. That is why the panel “Music Industry vs COVID-19: What to Expect in 2022?” will open the season, featuring key figures from the global music scene.

In February 2022, EXIT strategy conference brings the panel “Music Industry vs COVID-19: What to expect in 2022?” live via EXIT festival Facebook page.

So far, EXIT strategy conference saw the following panels:

“A New Hope: Events on the Horizon?”, you can watch the full recording here

“The Clubland’s Longest Night”, you can watch the full recording here

The first two panels focused on local and regional topics and you can watch their recordings in Serbian here.

EXIT strategy conference brings new discussions periodically and is realized with the support of numerous leading world and local media.