EXIT Values

Our MISSION is to spark positive social changes and speed up the evolution of human consciousness by using creative industries, top global artistic, educational and charity events as a means to spread the message of love and freedom to the whole planet; all this with a goal to make our VISION come to life – Humanity and Earth in harmony on all levels; local, regional and global.

Started as a student social movement in the year 2000, Exit has been the only world festival that was created from a wish for progress and freedom. The festival’s well-known identity developed through its unique eclectic music program, creating numerous socially responsible campaigns, as well as an active support to charity, ecologic and cultural movements and organizations.

EXIT is not only a festival, it is a movement, a symbol of progress and a motor of change in the society, but also the leading platform for creative industries not only in Serbia, but in the Balkan region as well – the region that has been torn apart by a decade of bloody wars, where young people still grow up full of hatred towards peoples of neighboring countries. We have accepted the challenge to change this reality, to make Balkan a symbol of unity and progress.

The sense and roots of our being lay in a strong wish to evolve and progress, as well as positive changes by which we create means to spread the message of freedom to as many people as possible. This spark cannot go out, on the contrary, the vision toward which we are headed has never been clearer – to become and endure as a generator of a strong positive energy that unites people, further inspiring them and making them believe that harmony and miracles are created by us ourselves.

Our missions are to, through festivals, creative industries and social activism, continue creating positive social changes and constantly improve ourselves on every step of the way, together with the people around us and society in general. Exit as an exit and support on the path of personal development and true happiness.