Thank you for your interest in EXIT Festival!

Accreditation for EXIT Festival 2023 has started.

Please, apply here.
The deadline for submitting applications is 18th June 2023.

All media outlets whose application for accreditation is accepted will be notified by 26th June 2023.
Please have the accreditation forms filled out by the contact person (editor) or one representative on behalf of all members of your media outlet.

For any questions regarding accreditation, feel free to contact the accreditation service of the EXIT Festival via email at [email protected].

Please make sure to meet the specified deadline because applications received after their expiration will not be considered.


For EXIT 2022 photo material feel free to use photos from our Flickr stream at this link. You can credit all photos with EXIT Photo Team. If you need a photo in hi-res please contact us at [email protected].


For video coverage visit Exit festival’s official YouTube channel at this link. If you need additional HD video material, do not hesitate to contact us [email protected].

Festival media partners