Pachamama bina
Pachamama bina

Festival peace oasis

Get to know EXIT Festival’s Pachamama stage and zone!

EXIT Festival is an ideal event for a unique stage like Pachamama, since it’s one of the rare music festivals born out of a freedom movement with a strong social mission that remains to this day, while at the same time holding the position of one of the best music festivals in Europe and the world.

Pachamama people

The next step in EXIT’s mission was the central celebration of the 20th anniversary of EXIT festival in July 2021, arriving after a year that has profoundly affected society as a whole. It is in such an atmosphere that people increasingly turn to new values, connect with nature and the planet through work on themselves and meditation, and that is the essence of Pachamama.

Celebrating its fifth year at EXIT, Pachamama Stage manifests a new way of life and gathers people from all around the world, creating a colorful and unique energy field. This festival oasis of peace at the Petrovaradin Fortress has been designed to both inspire and promote tolerance, as well as enable visitors to have an unforgettable experience, encountering the vibrations of ancient instruments such as shamanic and African drums, Tibetan and planetary gongs, didgeridoo, as well as Hindu songs Kirtan and Bhajan. This stage evokes a sense of community, it is filled with interesting and interactive content celebrating nature, harmony, mindfulness and love.

The spirit of Pachamama lived in 2020 as well, when Life Stream was held at the Petrovaradin Fortress, in support of the UN World Food Programme, the world’s largest humanitarian organization. This global project which marked the 2020 festival season was held on 3-6 September to a limited audience, with intro performances by Pachamama acts each night, who amazed everyone with their unique and energetic shows.

Pacha Mamma or Mother Earth represents an alternative lifestyle. It is a place which gathers young people dedicated to preserving the environment. It is a place for creative expression, positive energy, and free love. It is a place for celebration of life. The chance to show off their skills is given to performers who deal with mind, body and spirit relaxation while using instruments which offer a healing experience, as well as vibrant and lively feelings.

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